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The IQXP Program is a Windows based real-time stock market charting and analysis program that uses DTN's IQFeed or DTNIQ for market data. The program includes a special Trade Window designed by Dan Zanger that gives visual and sound feedback on trades relative to bid & ask. Within the Trade Window there is a Tick Trend Window that dynamically charts the last 50 trades in a visual format that lets you see the buying and selling pressure.

Global symbol alarms alert you to changing market conditions using distinct sound and visual displays - active alert logs let you see developing patterns. 

Quick easy one click navigation -  fast chart displays - a matrix of market information that puts you in the center of the universe for quick display and analysis of data.

One of the features of the IQXP Program is sound feedback on trades - it includes settings for bid & ask trade tracking and breakout alerts. The breakout alert sound feedback reflects global alerts for issues trading at new highs/lows, 52 wk high/lows, and breakouts for new highs in a set minute bar period range. (all user settable) In addition to visual displays of the trades in tickers and a special TradeWindow for the bid/ask display there is a multicolored logs that lets you monitor the results. It is like a time and sales window yet filtered to reflect only those issues that meet the alert conditions. By the nature of the sound you know how the market is going - both its rep rate and sound coloration reflecting trade conditions. Most times it catches reversals in the market before it shows in the major indicators.

IQXP Subscriptions - Click on IQXP Subscription to go to the subscription and download page.

Note: New version of the DTN IQFeed client v4.8.1.7 has been posted (12 Jan 12) in the respective download areas: Annual, Semiannual and Trial. Use your user name and password to download and install it. It is highly recommended that you use this new version as it fixes some 'hangups' and other issues in the current client. The current version of the IQXP Program in the IQXP Download page is version 1.089. has additional information on the IQXP Program - the site you are displaying ( is the primary site for program downloading.

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Updated 30 May 2012

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